Predictions for Heavenly Fire.

  1. Jace and Clary are going to finally fuck.
  2. Or/and do the whole Shadowhunter marriage runes on each other secretly with like only Alec, Izzy and Simon knowing about it.
  3. Alec is going to work his ass off to get Magnus back and they are going to make out and stuff.
  4. Jonathan is going to kidnap Clary and play house because he is deranged and thinks Clary is going to love him or something.
  5. Jonathan is TOTALLY going to try to or will rape Clary and then Jace is going to be so angry because that will probably be when he shows up to save her, and his anger will like explode and the heavenly fire will flame up and he will kick Jonathan’s ass/kill him without a doubt.
  6. The big battle will probably happen during Jocelyn and Luke’s wedding. Like it will get interrupted by the evil shadow hunters and Luke will have to fight Amatis and it will be intense and scary and one of them will die. I have a bad feeling Amatis will kill Luke and then Jocelyn will kill Amatis and then Clary will be fatherless and devestated and it will be fucking awful and after reading it I will want to fucking die.

Feel free to add your own theories.

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